The North American P-51 Mustang
P-51 Mustang at Warbirds
The Lockheed P-38 Lightning
photos by Curtis Fowles, MustangsMustangs

The P-38 began with from specs in 1938. A very cool tidbit of knowledge that could win you a beer from your buddies is that the P-38 is the only U.S. aircraft that was in production from the start of WWII to the very end! Good knowledge for hangar talk. The Lightning served mostly in the Pacific and China areas.

08CHN_4574t.jpg 08CHN_4577t.jpg 08CHN_4607t.jpg 08CHN_4608t.jpg 08CHN_5416bwt.jpg 08CHN_5500t.jpg CH7_1527t.jpg CH7_1583t.jpg CH7_1587t.jpg CH7_1637t.jpg CH7_2221t.jpg CH7_2226t.jpg

CH7_2244Lt.jpg CH7_2267Lt.jpg CH7_2812t.jpg CH7_2827t.jpg CH7_2922t.jpg CH7_2985t.jpg CHN.p38_0571t.jpg CHN.p38_0584t.jpg CHN.p38_0585t.jpg CHN.p38_1659t.jpg GlacierGirl_7945t.jpg Nellis08_077t.jpg OSH-05_1448t.jpg OSH-05_1725t.jpg

OSH-05_3583t.jpg POF07_0532t.jpg POF7_0414t.jpg POF7_0417t.jpg POF_07_0114t.jpg POF_07_0481t.jpg POF_P-38s_0400t.jpg Pof07_0112t.jpg Pof07_0287t.jpg Skidoo_1398wt.jpg Skidoo_1408wt.jpg Skidoo_1436wt.jpg Skidoo_1439wt.jpg