The North American P-51 Mustang
P-51 Mustang at Warbirds
The Attack Aircraft
photos by Curtis Fowles, MustangsMustangs

Slow and tough both describe the capabilities of the attack aircraft. Staying on course with tracers flying all around, and delivering the goods was not easy or glamorous. How many Avengers and Dauntless aircraft are at the bottom of the Pacific? Too many. The AD-1 Skyraider proved that props can survive in a jet world. They pounded targets in Viet Nam that were too close to friendly forces for the faster jets. The A-10 Warthog continues that slow and tough mantra and packs a huge punch for the enemy.

AD1_3081t.jpg CHN.AD1_0582t.jpg CHN.AD1_0683t.jpg CHN.AD1_1502t.jpg CHN.AD1_1779t.jpg CHN.SBD_0621t.jpg CHN.SBD_0637t.jpg CHN.TBM_0631t.jpg CHN.TBM_1469t.jpg CHN.TBM_1775t.jpg CHN.sbd_1719t.jpg LV5_8112t.jpg LV5_8137wt.jpg LV5_8469wt.jpg LV5_8473t.jpg

LV5_8474t.jpg LV6_3183t.jpg OK6_4537t.jpg OSH-05_1580t.jpg OSH-05_1581t.jpg OSH-05_1862t.jpg OSH-05_4273t.jpg OSH-05_4355t.jpg OSH-05_4551t.jpg POF07_0469t.jpg RN5_5750t.jpg RN5_5759t.jpg RN5_5787t.jpg RN5_5821t.jpg RN5_5842t.jpg RN5_5894t.jpg RN7_8328wt.jpg

RN7_8343dt.jpg RN7_8373wt.jpg RN7_8398wt.jpg Reno5_2242t.jpg Reno5_2274t.jpg Reno5_2281t.jpg SB2C_4001t.jpg SB2C_4003t.jpg SD6_0124t.jpg TBM_2694t.jpg w.sbd.cf1.1123t.jpg w.sbd.cf1.1161t.jpg wa.SBD.cf1.536t.jpg wa.SBD.cf1.549t.jpg wa.SBD.cf1.550t.jpg wa.TBM.cf1.0469t.jpg