The North American P-51 Mustang
P-51 Mustang at Warbirds
Jet Fighters of the Navy
photos by Curtis Fowles, MustangsMustangs

8AA_2804vt.jpg CH7_1991t.jpg CH7_2040t.jpg CHN.F18_1546t.jpg CHN.F18_1857t.jpg FJ-4_2648t.jpg MU5_7790t.jpg MU5_7825t.jpg MU5_7833t.jpg MU5_7840t.jpg OSH-05_3984Mt.jpg OSH-05_4562t.jpg

I was lucky enough to be present at Nellis AFB (2004) in Las Vegas during the last year of the F-14 Tomcat demo team. Wow, what a performance. I think the fighter jocks inside had something to say about their beloved F-14 being retired. I don't remember a performance like that in all of my airshows. It was fast and powerful.

OSH-05_4563t.jpg OSH-05_4579t.jpg OSH-05_4590t.jpg OSH-05_4623t.jpg OSH-05_4642t.jpg RN5_6846t.jpg RN5_6849t.jpg RN5_7020t.jpg RN5_7022t.jpg Reno5_2209t.jpg f14_7959t.jpg f14_7964t.jpg f14_7968t.jpg f14_7970t.jpg

f14_7971t.jpg f14_7972t.jpg f14_7976t.jpg f14_7977t.jpg f14_7979t.jpg f14_7981t.jpg f14_7996t.jpg f14crew.8002t.jpg f15-1t.jpg f18-6t.jpg fj3-1t.jpg harrier1t.jpg wj.F-18.cf1.0512t.jpg