The North American P-51 Mustang
P-51 Mustang
Use the PayPal Donate button below to pay for work done by MustangsMustangs or to donate to this web site. Since 1997, close to 12,000 hours of work has been put into this endeavor and almost all of the time has been volunteer. Many of you have helped out with information, images and photo ops and it is greatly appreciated!

Photography costs and programming/software costs are high. Any contribution will help keep this magnificient aircraft in the spotlight. Although, standing on the side of the runway taking shots of a P-51 rushing by does not seem like work, the work comes when it is time to publish and maintain over 8500 P-51 images and over 500 web pages!

Yes, it is a huge job to keep up and running smoothly, one that needs daily attention. Minimal website maintenance requires about 800 hours yearly, but more is usually needed. Your contribution or payment will be used to keep everything up to speed.

Work that we perform includes web site design and development, air-air photography, image design / use and site advertising.

Commercial Image Use:
Commercial use of our images is available for very reasonable rates. This includes but not limited to: web sites, books, magazines, advertising, signs, and promotional use.
Web Site Design / Development:
We can design, code and maintain your web needs from simple 5 page sites to large database/template driven sites.
MustangsMustangs accepts advertising from quality aviation companies that work with the P-51 Mustang or the people who keep the P-51 in the air. We also advertise P-51s that are up for sale and keep the ad going until the Mustang is sold.
We can shoot your aircraft, warbird or P-51 with static ground shots and engaging air to air photos. Air to air photo shoots require formation experience for the pilots involved and a detailed pre-flight plan, but they are fun and the results are worth the extra effort.
Use the button below to send in your payment, and remember to write in what the payment is for. Your business is much appreciated!

Curtis Fowles