The North American P-51 Mustang
P-51 Mustang at P-51 Variants
The P-51C Mustang
by Curtis Fowles, MustangsMustangs

In late 1942, the Brittish and the U.S. sucessfully tested the Rolls Royce Merlin V-12 installed in a P-51 (NA-91). The NAA production plant at Inglewood, Ca would be at full capacity building the new P-51B. NAA decided to expand their plant in Dallas, Tx to build more P-51Bs. The B models built in Dallas, were re-designated P-51C.

In all 1,750 P-51C models were built. The NAA model #s were NA-103 and NA-111. The first C models were P-51C-1NT (NT for Dallas, NA for Inglewood). These had the first Packard built RR Merlin used in the Mustangs, the V-1650-3. The fuselage tank was added to P-51C-1s and then renamed P-51C-3NT. Later the more powerful V-1650-7 Merlin was introduced in the P-51C-5NT and -10 blocks. Alternate air source was added early on in the first block of P-51Cs.

P-51C-10NT_10t.jpg P-51C-10NT_11t.jpg P-51C-10NT_12t.jpg P-51C-10NT_13t.jpg P-51C-10NT_14t.jpg P-51C-10NT_1t.jpg P-51C-10NT_2t.jpg P-51C-10NT_3t.jpg

The P-51C suffered the same problems as the P-51B with gun jamming and poor visibility to the rear. As with the B model, these problems were fixed at the factory and in the field.

Deliveres began in August 1943, later than the B model. The P-51C had to wait until the Dallas plant was ready for production.

Specification for the P-51C were identical to the P-51B.

P-51C-10NT_42t.jpg P-51C-10NT_4t.jpg P-51C-10NT_5t.jpg P-51C-10NT_6t.jpg P-51C-10NT_7t.jpg P-51C-10NT_8t.jpg P-51C-10NT_9t.jpg P-51C-1NT_35t.jpg P-51C-5NT_4t.jpg P-51C-5NT_5t.jpg

P-51C-5NT_6t.jpg TP-51C-1NT_1t.jpg TP-51C-1NT_2t.jpg TP-51C-1NT_3t.jpg TP-51C-1NT_4t.jpg TP-51C-1NT_5t.jpg TP-51C-1NT_6t.jpg TP-51C-1NT_7t.jpg TP-51C-1NT_8t.jpg