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44-84655 N551CF "Toulouse Nuts"
Collings Foundation, New Smirna Beach FL
P-51 Survivor 44-84655 N551CF
Status: Flying
NAA Type: P-51D-25NT
Tempco TF
Serial #: 44-84655
Registry: N551CF
.. past:   N74045
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History: 44-84655 N551CF "Toulouse Nuts"

USAF - 167th Airlift Wing - West VA ANG "Toulouse Nuts"
1951: Jan-Aug, TP-51D-25NT Conversion
1953: Jun 22, prop strike, Natrona County Airport, Casper WY
1954: Aug 24 - rep. gear up landing in La Porte Indiana (some sources state 1964)
1955: 267th FIS WV ANG
1957: Norton AFB
195?: rep. Surplus, McClellan AFB Sacramento CA
1958: Feb 20, Nicaragua GN 98
1963: Sep 23, N74045, MACO Sales
1963: N6326T, Aero Enterprises, La Porte IN
1964: photos of N6362T believed to be in Bermuda
1964: Aug 24 - rep. gear up landing (see above)
1966: rebuild at Aerosport Chino CA, photo as "FAB 510"
1966: Sanford Aviation, Gardena CA
1966: Jun 10, Bolivia as FAB 510
1967: belly-landing FAB 510
1968: written off, hulk to Cavalier - used in TF-51 rebuilds as template
2012: project bought by Stewart McMillan from Mark Timken
2013: Aug, start of restoration
2016: May 04, N551CF, reg, Stewart McMillan, Valparaiso IN
2016: Jun 15, First Flight, congrats to the Collings Foundation and American Aero Services
2016: Aug 05, N551CF, sale, Collings Foundation, Stow MA
2016: On Tour with the Collings Foundation
9 Images of   44-84655   N551CF   "Toulouse Nuts" on file
Images of   44-84655
Image Credits:
  Chester "Chris" Christopher   via C.F."Frank" Christopher  
  American Aero Services   American Aero  
  Gary Norville    
  Zane Adams    
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