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44-72059 N951HB
Herman Bayerdorffer,
P-51 Survivor 44-72059 N951HB
Status: Flying
NAA Type: P-51D-20NA
Serial #: 44-72059
Registry: N951HB
.. past:   N6150U
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History: 44-72059 N951HB
1945: Jan 4, accepted USAAF
8th AF 364 FG 384 FS coded 5Y P

1945: to Swedish AF as Fv26142
1955: to Nicaragua as possibly GN 93 #2?

Some lists show 44-72059 as GN 96?
GN 93 sold to US as parts in 1963
GN 96 (N6165U/44-84634) sold to US in 1963

1963: back to US as N6150U, Will Martin / MACO Sales
1966: Aviacion Sanford, Gardena CA
1966: circa May 1 photo: bare metal, mix of cowlings, line up with other P-51s, next to N6165_, WWII seat
1966: June - to Bolivia as FAB 513
1995: N711WJ, World Jet Inc, Fort Lauderdale FL
1995: N951HB, Vintage Aero Inc / Herman Bayerdorffer
2002: in restoration
2005: Restoration at Glenn Wegman's Fighter Enterprises, Inc. in Florida
2006: Summer: engine in fuselage, wings almost done
2020: Jan 28, N951HB, Classic Wings P51 LLC
2020: Sep, N951HB, very close to first flight
2020: Sep 26, N951HB, First Flight!!, Congrats to Glenn Wegman and all involved.
2021: Feb, new paint, RCAF Tiger 424 Squadron, Beautiful job!
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