The North American P-51 Mustang
Reno 2016
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P-51 Mustang at Reno 2016
Formula One
story and photos by Curtis Fowles

These F-1 pilots and crew can take very little and make it go fast. Granted, these are aircraft made to race, not to travel or take your buddy flying. They are small, the cockpits are tight, they are a handful on the ground, but they go fast. Top qualifying speed was 253 mph! That speed set by Lowell Slatter in #31 Fraed Naught. The F-1 race starts with aircraft lined up in rows of 2 or 3 and the start is a horse-race to the finish. They usually can take-off the direction of the race and move directly onto the course after take-off.

CurtisFowles-Reno2016-161504t.jpg CurtisFowles-Reno2016-161513t.jpg CurtisFowles-Reno2016-161534t.jpg CurtisFowles-Reno2016-161593t.jpg CurtisFowles-Reno2016-162810t.jpg CurtisFowles-Reno2016-162816t.jpg CurtisFowles-Reno2016-162888t.jpg CurtisFowles-Reno2016-162920t.jpg CurtisFowles-Reno2016-164276t.jpg CurtisFowles-Reno2016-164280t.jpg

Steve Senegal, who has one many times, posted a 250 mph qualifying time to hold 2nd. Senegal and Thom Richard collided on the start when Richard's engine quit just before the flagged dropped. We are extremely lucky both men walked away. It was a very scary moment. Thom Richard did get a broken hand. Luckily, Thom's racer #1 Hot Stuff sits very low to the ground, as Senegal's wing came directly over the cockpit, hitting the top of the razorback. The racing is very close and the majority of the field is greater than 200 mph.

CurtisFowles-Reno2016-164293t.jpg CurtisFowles-Reno2016-164332t.jpg CurtisFowles-Reno2016-164396t.jpg CurtisFowles-Reno2016-164402t.jpg CurtisFowles-Reno2016-164416t.jpg CurtisFowles-Reno2016-164436t.jpg CurtisFowles-Reno2016-164444t.jpg CurtisFowles-Reno2016-166286t.jpg CurtisFowles-Reno2016-166307t.jpg CurtisFowles-Reno2016-166318t.jpg

Results: 1 - #31 Lowell Slatter, Fraed Naught - 256 mph 2 - #50 Vito Wypraechtiger, Scarlet Screamer - 234 3 - #79 Justin Phillpson, No Strings Attached - 227 4 - #54 James Jordan, Miss Min - 227, cut pylon 1 lap 7 5 - #69 Philip Goforth, Knotty Girl - 227 6 - #11 Steve Senegal, Endeavor - DNS 7 - #1 Thom Richard, Hot Stuff - DNS

CurtisFowles-Reno2016-166332t.jpg CurtisFowles-Reno2016-166390t.jpg CurtisFowles-Reno2016-166411t.jpg CurtisFowles-Reno2016-166420t.jpg CurtisFowles-Reno2016-166431t.jpg CurtisFowles-Reno2016-166437t.jpg CurtisFowles-Reno2016-167232t.jpg CurtisFowles-Reno2016-167275t.jpg CurtisFowles-Reno2016-167285t.jpg CurtisFowles-Reno2016-167290t.jpg CurtisFowles-Reno2016-167304t.jpg