The North American P-51 Mustang
Reno 2010
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P-51 Mustang at Reno 2010
F1 - Biplane
story and photos by Curtis Fowles

The Formula 1 class of air racing must be powered by the O-200 Continental and the aircraft must weigh at least 500 pounds empty, have a min 66 sqft. of wing, fixed gear and fixed pitch prop. They do come in many shapes and sizes and reach speeds over 240 mph! That is from the same engine that powers the C-150. The Cassutt is a popular choice, but the winner this year (and others) is a custom build Arnold AR-6 by David Hoover from Northern California. Hoover won in 2007 and recorded speeds up to 254 mph. Now owned by pilot Steve Senegal, Endeavor won in 2008 with Senegal as pilot at 246 mph and again this year at 253 mph. Last years winner "Invictus" finished 2nd on Saturday but did finish the race on Sunday.

Reno2010_0042t.jpg Reno2010_0075t.jpg Reno2010_10004t.jpg Reno2010_10025t.jpg Reno2010_10039t.jpg Reno2010_10053ct.jpg Reno2010_10277t.jpg Reno2010_9901t.jpg Reno2010_9909t.jpg Reno2010_9929t.jpg Reno2010_9941t.jpg Reno2010_9952t.jpg Reno2010_9991t.jpg Reno2010_9995t.jpg Reno2010_9997t.jpg

Here a some highlights of the rules that apply to the biplane aircraft in the Biplane class. Engine can be no larger than a Lycoming O-360, not turbo or super charged, fixed gear and prop, lower wing must be 50% or more of total wing area. The O-360 can have some modifications but they are limited by the rules committe. So how do you get a Pitts Special to go over 200 mph? Fine tuned engine, custom engin cowls, low drag intake, exhaust and gear, fixed ailerons on one wing and super-mini tail wheels are some of mods done.

The runnaway favorite for next year can only by Tom Aberle in his modified Mong Sport named Phantom. Aberle won at 250 mph this year, with the nearest competitor at 209 mph! A ton of Pitts Specials rounded out the Gold Final. The class is dominated in numbers by the Pitts Special.

Reno_2010_10978t.jpg Reno_2010_10998t.jpg Reno_2010_1117t.jpg Reno_2010_1120t.jpg Reno_2010_11253t.jpg Reno_2010_11259t.jpg Reno_2010_1127t.jpg Reno_2010_11289t.jpg Reno_2010_11298t.jpg Reno_2010_11301t.jpg Reno_2010_11306t.jpg Reno_2010_11310t.jpg Reno_2010_1166t.jpg Reno_2010_1179t.jpg Reno_2010_1187t.jpg

Final Results: F1 Gold

01 - #11 Endeavor, Steve Senegal >> 248 mph
02 - #50 Scarlet Screamer, Vito Wypraechtiger >> 234
03 - #96 Miss Deamonor, Doug Bodine >> 225
04 - #44 Judy, Holbrook Maslen >> 224
05 - #87 Madness, Steve Temple >> 221
06 - #45 Quadnickel, Jay Jones >> 216
07 - #1 Invictus, Philip Goforth >> DNF
08 - #40 Miss USA, Gary Davis >> DNS

Final Results: Biplane Gold

01 - #62 Phantom, Tom Aberle >> 250 mph
02 - #27 Magic, Norman Way >> 209
03 - #10 Son of Galloping Ghost, Mark Barber >> 199
04 - #25 Drag Racer, Karl Grove >> 197
05 - #7x Lady Luck, Kirk Murphy >> 188
06 - #3 Zipper, George Andre >> 185
07 - #31 Tango Tango, Tony Higa >> 179
08 - #711 Joey, Birch Entriken >> 178

Reno_2010_1198t.jpg Reno_2010_1218t.jpg Reno_2010_1226t.jpg Reno_2010_1236t.jpg Reno_2010_1333t.jpg Reno_2010_1360t.jpg Reno_2010_2067t.jpg Reno_2010_2089t.jpg Reno_2010_2126t.jpg Reno_2010_2176t.jpg Reno_2010_2182t.jpg Reno_2010_2186cvt.jpg Reno_2010_2204ct.jpg Reno_2010_2705t.jpg Reno_2010_2712ct.jpg Reno_2010_2779t.jpg