The North American P-51 Mustang
P-51 Who?   Case # 67
44-74446     CF-LOR     Closed
Solved by: Martin Kyburz, TJ Johanse, Jim Church
P-51 Who 67
Case#: 67
Date: Sep 01 2000
By: Doug Fisher
Photo: 1966
Status: Closed
Serial: 44-74446
Registry: CF-LOR
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Martin Kyburz
09/13/2000 03:31
case #67 is P-51D-30-NA 44-74446, which became RCAF 9223 in 1950 and at times was assigned to No. 420 Sqdn, coded AW-J. In November 1960, this a/c was sold and became CF-LOR (as shown in the picture). In July 1975, it became N1451D. Today it is owned by Jon Barnett, based at Alta Loma, CA.
T J Johansen
09/19/2000 20:20
I almost forgot. The plane in case #67 is 44-74446 CF-LOR which I think was owned by a partnership in Ontario at the time. Note the Star & Bar flag on the tail, on the fuselage it had the inscription "Confederate Air Force" and you can actually see parts of the registration under the left wing!
Jim Church
11/04/2000 15:19
Case #67 shows Canadian registered Mustang CF-LOR, at what appears to be the Oshawa, Ontario airport, near Toronto. It was flown in Canada by several owners between 1965-70, and so it was at sometime during this period that the photo was taken. This aircraft is s/n 44-74446, which has been featured in several past cases of 'Mustang Who?' It had served in Canada as RCAF9223, before being acquired as surplus by James Defuria, of Canastota, NY in 1958. Since its return from Canada in 1970, this aircraft has unfortunately suffered more than its share of rather bad accidents, but it is currently healthy and flying again, registered N1451D to John Barnett, of Alta Loma, CA. As I recall it, this aircraft is made up of mostly new build components, with very little of the original airframe remaining today.
Michael Collins
06/14/2008 17:31
Mustang 9221 was the personal aircraft of Lynn Garrison, when he was flying with 403 City of Calgary Squadron, RCAF. He and Milt Harradence, an ex-403 pilot, later an Appeals Court Justice, got the ferry project for the 83 surplus RCAF Mustangs scattered across Canada. As part payment for his effort, Garrison got 9221 and registered in as CF-LOR. Milt Harradence got another and registered it as CF-LOQ.

He was in Oshawa for a show when this picture was taken.

Lynn Garrison later acquired two ex-Giolden Hawk Sabres. Milt Harradence flew one of these as CF-AMH. Lynn also made the last flight of an RCAF Lancaster, KB-976, at an air show in June, 1964. Kermit Weeks now has this aircraft. Lynn went on to operate a War One airfield in Ireland with a collection of aircraft replicas that were used in thE BLUE MAX and other period films.
D froats
02/07/2015 19:24
Bob Gruenhagen
03/05/2015 01:03
Photo of CF-LOR about 1964 is in book,"Mustang-The Story of the P-51 Fighter", page 169, taken on The ANG ramp Great Falls, Montana.
Marked for Milt Harradence and South Alberta Squadron of the Confederate Air Force. Accompanied by Jerry in CF-LOQ. Got a free ride that day.
Harradence involved in import paper work for Connie Edwards
Battle of Britain collection which recently sold..
David Rudd
07/13/2021 22:52
Thanks for this. Saw a P51 circling over John Deere dealership in Orono Ont. approx a week ago... early July 2021. It was at maybe 1,000 feet. Looked like it may have a home base nearby. My fellow farmers were oblivious.
Are there any P51s registered locally?
Case Closed!
P-51 Mustang

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