The North American P-51 Mustang
P-51 Who?   Case # 377
44-12140     N66111     Closed
Solved by: TJ Johansen, John Kerr
P-51 Who 377
Case#: 377
Date: Jan 06 2011
By: Mike Brown
Photo: unknown photo info
Status: Closed
Serial: 44-12140
Registry: N66111
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Trygve Johansen
01/13/2011 01:34
This looks to be N66111. It was raced by Lyle Shelton in 1965 as "Tonopah Miss" when owned by Richard Vartanian. Later sold to Glenn Hussey and crashed in 1968. Wreck was later used by Aadu Karemaa for restoration to flying condition.
John Kerr
01/21/2011 08:29
P-51K N66111 44-12140
01/10/2015 11:28
I sat in it when Glenn owned it back in 66. I was two, my dad worked for Glenn and I have 8mm film my dad took of Glenn flying his mustang up at chico from the air and on the ground. My dad told me why he crashed it, and the film shows how he flew it on take off. I have a photo of it bent up on the runway.
Tim Yost
10/09/2017 22:06
66111 was purchased by my dad and uncle in approximately 1962, from what i understand to be an machinery manufacturer "Mr Whiteman" also owner of Whiteman airport in Pacoima CA. I have fond memories of the look of the craft and sound of that beautiful Rolls Royce. I too have seen photos of the post crash wreckage in medford, sad day. I always enjoy hearing the stories from dad of flights, repairs and all the mechanical specification of the craft. I have been trying to keep track of 66111 (now 44-12119) together with him and hope to re-unite dad with the craft someday to re-kindle the dreams and memories. What a beautiful piece of history.
Jan Hussey Jones
06/30/2020 14:53
My father is/was Glenn Hussey. I'm the youngest and born after the crash so Dad's P-51 was just a sad memory by the time I came along. I'm so grateful to have stumbled on this site! Any info that can be shared with me would be so much appreciated especially from "Jim" above! Kind Regards!
Case Closed!
P-51 Mustang

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