The North American P-51 Mustang
P-51 Who?   Case # 356
44-72936     N7711C     Closed
Solved by: Roger Baker, Douglas Chambers, Mike Shakocius, John Kerr
P-51 Who 356
Case#: 356
Date: Apr 07 2008
By: Dick Phillips
Photo: by NM Williams
via Dick Phillips
Status: Closed
Serial: 44-72936
Registry: N7711C
P-51 Who? Viewer Responses
04/07/2008 17:02
P-51 Who? is back!
John Kerr
06/29/2008 09:26
Possible N327DB, 44-84860 during re-building.
Roger Baker
08/26/2008 13:20
I think it's likely that this picture was taken at Van Nuys airport in early autumn of 1968. My guess (I stress "guess") is that the airplane in question is 44-74423; then registered as N182X, later as N64CL. If the photo was taken a few months later, the airplane could be 44-74536. Is it cheating to make two stabs at it in one message?
T J Johansen
09/21/2008 10:12
I have looked at some old photos of both N182X and N991R from both pre and post 1968. None of those a/c had the antenna installed as in this photo. Same with the propellor. It doesn't fit in with the two Roger suggests. I have however no better idea as to which one it is! T J Johansen
Roger Baker
01/12/2009 14:45
Note to "TJ" I was a bit surprised to have my guess on this airplane in response, may I say that I considered the props and antennas quite carefully before submitting my guess. Since antennas and props are/were frequently changed, I elected to suggest those two airplanes since i personally know that they were refinished in the era of the subject photo (time period of the photo pretty well nailed down by the presence of John Lear's A-26 in the background). I knew it was unlikely, but put them out for a guess anyway. Now, if I may hazard another guess....the only other 51 that I can think of that fits the where and when criteria of the "Who" photo would be 44-72936 registered N7711C. I know it was repainted in that era and could have "lived" at VNY...altho I thought it belonged to someone up at SBA. I most often would see it at SNA, however. Somewhere, I have photos of it that I took at SNA. If that's not it, I give up.
Douglas Chambers
06/15/2010 14:32
I agree with Roger Baker I think it might be Serial #: 44-72936 Registry: N7711C Owner: Marvin Croutch Base: Encino CA Status: Restoration it is on this website with pics that show the same sort of antenna as this pic does.
Mike Shakocius
01/31/2012 17:24
Looking on a B-26 site for serial numbers there is the same photo and it states "John Lear's 26 shielded by Arthur J. Stasney's P51 at Van Nuys in about '64-66
John Kerr
02/27/2012 07:23
If the information in the last 3 posts are correct, then without a doubt it is Arthur J. Stasney's N7711C, 44-72936
Case Closed!
P-51 Mustang

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