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A68-001 N51WB "Jeannie Too"
Wiley Sanders, Troy AL
P-51 Survivor A68-001 N51WB
Status: Flying
NAA Type:
Serial #: A68-1
Registry: N51WB
.. past:   VH-EMQ
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History: A68-1 N51WB "Jeannie Too"

1945: Jun 04, RAAF, BOC
1952: Oct 07, stored, RAAF Tocumwal NSW
1953: Mar 31, SOC, flown to Emu SA
1953: Oct, testing, used in atomic tests then left in the desert - the P-51 was placed less than 1 KM from the blast
1967: surplus, Peter Hookway / Hookway Aviation, Clayton VIC
1967: recovered, from desert, Tony Schwerdt, Adelaide-Parafield Australia
1967: Oct 31, recovered, Schwerdt fixed and flew it out of Emu to Cooper Pedy
1967: restoration, restored and named "Desert Rat" registered VH-EMQ. Registration was a big problem for Schwerdt. It took over 2 years and finally he had to sell A68-1 to a US buyer. Less than a week after it was sold, the registration was approved!
1968: Apr 15, sale, Stanley Booker / Stan Air Inc, Fresno CA, Bill of Sale from Peter Hookway International Air LTD.
1968: Oct 07, N7773, import, Stanley Booker / Stan Air Inc, Fresno CA, FAA listed as P-51C
No other FAA Registry records of N7773 after 1968
No airworthiness certificate issued
1969: sale, Ed Jurist, NY
1969: Jun, A68-1, shipped, to USA (deck cargo). Aircraft was damaged during shipment, considered at the time worthless. Also rep. missing parts.
1970: sale, Randy Sohn / Roger Baker / CAF, Harlingen TX
197?: sale, John Sandberg, Robstown TX
197?: parts collecting, Darrel Skurich, restoration
1980: Oct 08, FAA stamp, undated-sale, N51WB (44-15757) from Carl Pederson (paperwork), Darrell Skurich, Fort Collins CO
1980: restoration, Darrel Skurich / Vintage Aircraft Ltd, Fort Collins CO
1980: Sep 26, N51WB, adopted, 44-15757, Darrel Skurich, Fort Collins CO
1980: Aug 04, N51WB, sale, Whittington Bros., Ft.Lauderdale FL
1980: Nov 03, N51WB, Airworthiness Certificate - first on record
1981: Sep 15, N51WB, sale, Gary Levitz / Western Aircraft Leasing Co, Dallas TX
1981: Sep, Reno Air Races - "Kangaroo", race #38
1982: Sep 17, N51WB, sale, Wiley Sanders, Troy AL
1982: Sep 19, Reno Air Races - Finished 1st in Bronze at 356 mph - "Kangaroo" #96 George Roberts
1983: Sep, Reno Air Races - John Putman pilot "Jeanie Too" #96
1983: forced landing from runaway prop, repaired.
1985: Sep 15, Reno Air Races - Finished 1st in Bronze at 355 mph - Wiley Sanders
1986: Sep 14, Reno Air Races - Finished 1st in Silver at 403 mph - Wiley Sanders
1987: Sep 20, Reno Air Races - Finished 1st in Bronze at 375 mph - Ron Hevle
1988: Sep 18, Reno Air Races - Finished 3rd in Silver at 399 mph - Ron Hevle
1989: Sep 17, Reno Air Races - Finished 1st in Silver at 398 mph - Ron Hevle
2019: March 27, Wiley Sanders passed away, he was 78.
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