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43-25057 N4651C "Boise Bee"
John Paul, Caldwell, Idaho
P-51 Survivor 43-25057 N4651C
Status: Flying
NAA Type: P-51C-10NT
Serial #: 43-25057
Registry: N4651C
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History: 43-25057 N4651C "Boise Bee"

1944: Dec 12, landing accident - pilot Robert L Vaughn - Brownsville AFB TX
1945: Jun 22, landing accident - pilot Lyon D Askins - Greenwood AAF, MS
19??: Jack Hardwick, El Monte CA
1978: John Paul
1985: restoration with P-51C parts began
1990: John Paul / Warhawk Air Museum, Caldwell, ID
2000: restoration progressing, paint going to be "Boise Bee" to honor Duane Beeson, WWII P-51 Mustang Ace.
2004: estimate completion in 2005
2005: restoration continues, 2006, 2007
2008: Restoration continues.
2009: N4651C, John Paul / Warhawk Air Museum, Caldwell ID
2009: August, engine runs, nearing completion
2010: April, ready for flight awaiting paperwork completion
2010: Sep 29, first flight - congrats!
2011: September - Raced at the Reno Air Races: Good performance for a stocker
2012: Jul 11, N4651C, Mustang LLC, Meridian ID
2019: Jun 29, suffered gear collapse during airshow at Lewiston ID
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