The North American P-51 Mustang
Reno 2016
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P-51 Mustang at Reno 2016
Sport Class
story and photos by Curtis Fowles

From RVs to the Thunder Mustang and almost every kit plane in between - the Sport Class. This class is growing and growing. Why? Well you can have an RV-6, pass the qualifications and come race at Reno. Lots of pilots dream of doing just that. The speeds vary greatly from just over 200 mph to just over 400 mph! The speeds that being attained are nothing short of amazing. They strip everything not essential to racing, re-shape the airfoil and fuselage, turbo/nitrous the engine and go fast - from 4 cylinders to 12!

CurtisFowles-Reno2016-160308t.jpg CurtisFowles-Reno2016-160637t.jpg CurtisFowles-Reno2016-161646t.jpg CurtisFowles-Reno2016-161697t.jpg CurtisFowles-Reno2016-161742t.jpg CurtisFowles-Reno2016-161748t.jpg CurtisFowles-Reno2016-161773t.jpg CurtisFowles-Reno2016-161805t.jpg CurtisFowles-Reno2016-162426t.jpg CurtisFowles-Reno2016-162436t.jpg CurtisFowles-Reno2016-162448t.jpg CurtisFowles-Reno2016-162493t.jpg CurtisFowles-Reno2016-162994t.jpg CurtisFowles-Reno2016-163038t.jpg CurtisFowles-Reno2016-163086t.jpg CurtisFowles-Reno2016-163543t.jpg

The fastest gold racers use the unlimited course, the slowest use the T-6 course which is a good change from last year. The racing is closer and much funner to watch on the shorter course. Last year's winner, John Parker in Blue Thunder II took 2nd place to a past winner Jeff LaVelle and had an incredible ride during a mayday just as he was pulling up for cool-down after the finish line. More about that on another page.

CurtisFowles-Reno2016-163560t.jpg CurtisFowles-Reno2016-163575t.jpg CurtisFowles-Reno2016-163604t.jpg CurtisFowles-Reno2016-163631t.jpg CurtisFowles-Reno2016-163655t.jpg CurtisFowles-Reno2016-164689t.jpg CurtisFowles-Reno2016-165126t.jpg CurtisFowles-Reno2016-165130t.jpg CurtisFowles-Reno2016-165136t.jpg CurtisFowles-Reno2016-165159t.jpg CurtisFowles-Reno2016-165179t.jpg CurtisFowles-Reno2016-165445t.jpg CurtisFowles-Reno2016-165470t.jpg CurtisFowles-Reno2016-165721t.jpg CurtisFowles-Reno2016-165723t.jpg CurtisFowles-Reno2016-165731t.jpg CurtisFowles-Reno2016-165740t.jpg

Gold Results: 1 - #39 Jeff LaVelle, Race 39 - 383 mph 2 - #352 John Parker, Blue Thunder II - 371 3 - #8 David Sterling, Lancair - 357 4 - #44 Lynn Farnsworth, Miss Karen II - 350 5 - #42 Keven Eldridge, Relentless - 320 6 - #151 Bob Mills, Clas Thunder - 317 7 - #67 Peter Balmer, Swiss Thunder - 306 8 - #30 Andrew Findlay, One Moment - DNF, mayday lap 4 9 - #47 Gary Mead, Lucky Mojo - DQ, cut south and west showlines lap 1

CurtisFowles-Reno2016-165747t.jpg CurtisFowles-Reno2016-165749t.jpg CurtisFowles-Reno2016-165757t.jpg CurtisFowles-Reno2016-165759t.jpg CurtisFowles-Reno2016-165792t.jpg CurtisFowles-Reno2016-165865t.jpg CurtisFowles-Reno2016-165867t.jpg CurtisFowles-Reno2016-166851t.jpg CurtisFowles-Reno2016-166914t.jpg CurtisFowles-Reno2016-166931t.jpg CurtisFowles-Reno2016-166939t.jpg CurtisFowles-Reno2016-166958t.jpg CurtisFowles-Reno2016-167186t.jpg CurtisFowles-Reno2016-167936t.jpg CurtisFowles-Reno2016-167948t.jpg CurtisFowles-Reno2016-167964t.jpg