The North American P-51 Mustang
P-51 Mustang at Reno 2012
Unlimited Bronze and Silver
story and photos by Curtis Fowles

2012 was a great year to watch the Unlimited races at Reno. Not only was the weather perfect, the aircraft and pilots were both in good form with some very close racing. The sound of Rod Lewis' Tigercat rounding the pylons is alone worth the price of admission. He supports three (yes 3, he also has his TF-51 that he did not bring this year) Unlimited Racers, two of which are top contenders and the third wins the coolness factor each year. Along with the Tigercat were several stock P-51s, a Wildcat, Yak, Corsair, Sea Fury and a Centaurus powered Sea Fury. Great line-up!

Reno12_10449t.jpg Reno12_10830t.jpg Reno12_10883t.jpg Reno12_10899t.jpg Reno12_11310t.jpg Reno12_11448t.jpg Reno12_11560t.jpg Reno12_11775t.jpg Reno12_11779t.jpg Reno12_11822t.jpg Reno12_12489t.jpg Reno12_12491t.jpg Reno12_12742t.jpg Reno12_12760t.jpg Reno12_12779t.jpg Reno12_13606t.jpg Reno12_13609t.jpg Reno12_13658t.jpg

Brant Seghetti and Dan Vance raced wingtip to wingtip in the Bronze Final.

Unlimited Bronze Final:

Reno12_13710t.jpg Reno12_13748t.jpg Reno12_13754t.jpg Reno12_7408t.jpg Reno12_7426t.jpg Reno12_7441t.jpg Reno12_7465t.jpg Reno12_7472t.jpg Reno12_7668t.jpg Reno12_7972t.jpg Reno12_8002t.jpg Reno12_8009t.jpg Reno12_8043t.jpg Reno12_8055t.jpg Reno12_8059t.jpg Reno12_8200t.jpg Reno12_8310t.jpg Reno12_8359t.jpg Reno12_8366t.jpg

Congratulations to Will Whiteside and Team Steadfast! They performed great all week. The bare-metal Centaurus powered Sea Fury raced by Brian Sanders was a real treat to hear. Hopefully she will be seen and heard next year at the 50th Reno Air Race.

Unlimited Silver Final:

Reno12_8371t.jpg Reno12_8381t.jpg Reno12_8382t.jpg Reno12_8384t.jpg Reno12_8387t.jpg Reno12_8398t.jpg Reno12_8399t.jpg Reno12_8410t.jpg Reno12_8476t.jpg Reno12_8481t.jpg Reno12_8637t.jpg Reno12_8783t.jpg Reno12_9433t.jpg Reno12_9455t.jpg Reno12_9513t.jpg Reno12_9672t.jpg Reno12_9679t.jpg Reno12_9863t.jpg Reno12_9889t.jpg