The North American P-51 Mustang
P-51 Mustang at Reno 2012
Blue Skies Bob Odegaard
story and photos by Curtis Fowles

It has been a tough couple of years in the warbird world. We have not been able to recover from one great loss before another is upon us.

On the evening of Friday Sep 7 2012 Bob Odegaard, 66 of Kindred ND was practicing for an airshow at Barnes County Airport in Valley City, ND when his Super Corsair plunged to the ground and crashed. Odegaard was killed.

Odegaard had finished a ground up restoration of this beautiful Corsair a few years ago. He brought it to Reno 2011 and impressed everyone ... again. This is the 2nd F2G Super Corsair that Bob has restored.

OSH-05_1443t.jpg OSH-05_1859t.jpg OSH-05_3888t.jpg OSH-05_3893t.jpg OSH-05_3916t.jpg OSH_4458t.jpg RN6_0575t.jpg RN6_2091t.jpg RN7_6718wt.jpg RN7_6721wt.jpg

Odegaard has been restoring P-51s for many years along with his late friend Gerry Beck. Bob is well known for rebuilding P-51 wings among other parts. He rebuilt from the junk pile a classic Corsair racer from the late 40's flown by Cook Cleland.

Odegaard finished the first F2G Super Corsair in 1999. He showed up at Reno (not to race) and took 1st place in the Rolls Royce Aviation Heritage judging. Bob brought the red #57 to Reno in 2005 and this time he was racing! There was a huge fan following. It was very cool to see this piece of history rounding the pylons once more.

Bob flew the red #57 Super Corsair in the movie Thunder of Reno in 2007. He later sold it. He was working on another F2G, the dark blue/white #74. Bob showed off this beauty at Reno in 2011 ... and he put on a show pulling up along side Argonaut at the checkered flag.

RN7_9342wt.jpg RN7_9384dt.jpg RN7_9423wt.jpg RN8_1350t.jpg RN8_1830vt.jpg RN8_1885t.jpg RN8_2884t.jpg RP6_3904t.jpg Reno11_4212t.jpg Reno11_4213t.jpg

Bob owned and flew his P-51 44-74404 "Dazzling Donna" since 1990. Bob was at EAA Oshkosh many times and he and Jimmy Leeward would fly in the mock air races, turning right. Bob also owned a bright yellow C-47 Skytrain he named "Duggy" and associated with

Odegaard is widely respected in the warbird community and everyone is shocked and saddened.

We have lost yet another friend and supporter of air racing. All of us give our condolences to the Odegaard family. Bob will be missed and never replaced.

Blue Skies Bob Odegaard

Reno11_4222t.jpg Reno11_4340t.jpg Reno11_4345t.jpg Reno11_4957ct.jpg Reno11_6011t.jpg Reno11_6059t.jpg Reno11_6084t.jpg Reno11_6972t.jpg Reno11_7059t.jpg RenoPRS06_3898t.jpg RenoPRS06_4092t.jpg