The North American P-51 Mustang
P-51 Mustang at Reno 2012
Jimmy Leeward
story and photos by Curtis Fowles

It has been a year now since we lost our friend, showman and professional air race pilot Jimmy Leeward. It will be difficult to walk through the pits and not see #177 Galloping Ghost or Jimmy Leeward.

His way of flying and racing was his. Nobody did it like he did. He was a very serious and determined competitor, yet he loved to have fun at Reno. He flew a dream line for us photogs around the pylons. He liked to race the wing of fellow competitors until it was time to add a bit of power and win the heat. He liked to keep everyone guessing as what was coming in the next heat.

Thanks for memories. Thanks for the great sights and sounds. Thanks for writing a story with every photo we took.

From all air race fans,

Blue Skies and Checkered Flags!

Reno04_6876t.jpg Reno05_5021c2t.jpg Reno05_5024ct.jpg Reno05_6237t.jpg Reno05_6958t.jpg Reno06_8533t.jpg Reno06_9937t.jpg Reno06_9948t.jpg

Reno06_9992t.jpg Reno07_0025t.jpg Reno07_0033ct.jpg Reno07_6927ct.jpg Reno07_7034t.jpg Reno10_0366t.jpg Reno10_1448t.jpg Reno10_2350t.jpg Reno11_4455t.jpg

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