The North American P-51 Mustang
P-51 Mustang at Reno 2007
Reno Air Races 2007
story and photos by Curtis Fowles

"Salute to Champions"

Fourty-44-Four Years Running!

September 12-16, 2007

Once a year is all you get to enjoy the fastest motorsport in the world. The good news is that you can enjoy the air racing in person for a whole week. Qualifying starts on Monday, and the final Unlimited Gold race is Sunday afternoon.

Expect to hear some different languages spoken as fans from around the world come to enjoy this awesome sport. Where else can you find 9 unlimited racers coming down the chute with 3,000 horse-power, or more, side by side at speeds that have exceeded 500 mph. Oh, and they do this at fifty (50) feet above the ground!

The unlimited race course covers a bit over 8 miles in the high desert on the northwest side of Reno-Stead airport. Surrounded with hills and plenty of sage, the setting is beautiful and the weather is usually near-perfect. This year the weather matched that near-perfect promise, but it's not always that way. Windy, cold and blustery are words that describe some days in September at Reno. When you come, check the weather and dress accordingly. I have dressed from shorts to parkas and everything in between.

RN7_0030wt.jpg RN7_6095wt.jpg RN7_6117wt.jpg RN7_6137wt.jpg RN7_6143wt.jpg RN7_6162wt.jpg RN7_6486dt.jpg RN7_6507wt.jpg RN7_6534dt.jpg RN7_6701wt.jpg RN7_6912wt.jpg RN7_6934wt.jpg RN7_7034dt.jpg RN7_7053wt.jpg RN7_7144wt.jpg RN7_7346wt.jpg RN7_7484wt.jpg RN7_7489wt.jpg RN7_7496wt.jpg RN7_7524wt.jpg

The races have six main classes: biplane, formula one, sport, T-6, jet and the unlimiteds with four different course lengths. The biplane and formula one classes share the inner course that covers 3.18 miles. T-6 and sport classes have their own courses at 5.06 and 7.08 miles respectively. The jets and unlimiteds share the outer course which measures 8.48 miles. Five jet racers qualified at over 500 mph, but none reached that lap speed during a race.

The fastest biplane is around 250 mph while the vast majority are under 200. Formula one racers top out just faster than the fastest biplane at 258 mph this year, but the majority of formula one racers are over 200. The T-6s are bunched very close on speed and they have some of funnest races to watch. They are all above 200 mph and this year's top racer qualified at 238. The Sport class covers speeds from 225 to almost 400 mph! Yup, the fastest sport racers turn the course faster than the stock unlimiteds. The top flight of the sport class is called "Supersport".

The jets, mostly L-39s, are over 400 mph and four over 500 this year. The unlimiteds range from low 300 mph stock warbirds to highly modified Beacats, Sea Furies and Mustangs that fly in the high 400's. Dago Red (modified P-51 Mustang) holds the course record at 512 mph!

Qualifying starts on Monday, ends at noon Wednesday. Racing starts Wednesday afternoon for all classes except the unlimiteds. Races continue each day, Sunday the last, with all classes racing every day with multiple heats. That's right. Come to Reno and you get to see three unlimited heats each day. During the breaks between races, you will get entertained by the finest airshow acts around.

RN7_7620wt.jpg RN7_7668wt.jpg RN7_7687wt.jpg RN7_7709wt.jpg RN7_7762wt.jpg RN7_7926wt.jpg RN7_7947wt.jpg RN7_8104dt.jpg RN7_8236wt.jpg RN7_8255wt.jpg RN7_8258wt.jpg RN7_8298wt.jpg RN7_8314wt.jpg RN7_8328wt.jpg RN7_8343dt.jpg RN7_8373wt.jpg RN7_8398wt.jpg RN7_8407wt.jpg RN7_9105wt.jpg RN7_9109wt.jpg RN7_9123dt.jpg RN7_9213wt.jpg

However exciting and fun it is to watch air racing, the pilots and fans know that it is serious business. Air racing is done at close proximity to other racers with wind, wakes and engine troubles that are unseen and quick to happen. "Mayday" is heard over the scanner every year and mostly due to engine failure, or better termed engine destruction sometimes. Handling emergencies is part of all racing pilots certification for racing at Stead.

The Reno Air Races of 2007 suffered three fatalities in three different events. Details of these events are covered on another page. The pilots, crews and the Reno Air Race Association (RARA) handled these tradegies with courtesy and professionalism to finish the week strong and safe.

RN7_9217wt.jpg RN7_9301wt.jpg RN7_9316wt.jpg RN7_9321wt.jpg RN7_9419dt.jpg RN7_9451wt.jpg RN7_9497wt.jpg RN7_9502wt.jpg RN7_9576dt.jpg RN7_9612wt.jpg RN7_9636wt.jpg RN7_9663wt.jpg RN7_9678wt.jpg RN7_9720dt.jpg RN7_9759wt.jpg RN7_9796wt.jpg RN7_9907wvt.jpg RN7_9945wt.jpg RN7_9991wt.jpg RN7_r0136wt.jpg RN7_r0425wt.jpg