The North American P-51 Mustang
Reno 1999
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P-51 Mustang at Reno 1999
The Silver Unlimiteds
story and photos by Curtis Fowles

Bob Hannah in Voodoo finished first in Thursdays heat 1b, but crossed the deadline and was placed last. His speed was a fast 401 mph, but last is last. Gibson took over 1st at 390 with Bill Anders (Sea Fury) and Jimmy Leeward in trail. On Friday, the Silver heat had Bill Rheinschild in P-51 Risky Business took the checkered, but was also thrown to last after the race committe ruled a deadline cut. For that, Sea Furies took the top 4 spots followed by Brent Hisey in Miss America and then another Sea Fury. Finish order for the Sea Furies was: Stewart Dawson, John Brown, Dennis Sanders, Howard Pardue and Robert Gibson.

In Saturday's heat, Bill Rheinschild crossed the line first again and this time he kept the 1st place at 407 mph. Next was John Brown and Howard Pardue in Sea Furies. Fourth was Brent Hisey in Miss America, then Dennis Sanders in Argonaut, Robert Gibson in Riff Raff, Jimmy Leeward in P-51 Cloud Dancer and Bob Hannah in the bright colored P-51 Voodoo. Voodoo has not been running strong this week, but the crew keeps working at it, one more day to go.

Sunday's Silver Final has Bob Hannah and Voodoo up front running strong at 427 mph and finished first never giving up the early lead. Brent Hisey in Miss America came across 2nd at 420 mph followed by Dennis Sanders in Argonaut.

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Final Results

1st - Bob Hannah #5 at 427.889 mph. A very fast speed for silver. Voodoo will be able to move up to Gold. Just trade in this 1st place finish (which he gladly did).

2nd - "Miss America" piloted by Brent Hisey, #11 finished 2nd in the Silver at 420 mph. This P-51 has been at Reno for many years. They qualified with a speed of 412 mph. My first P-51 ride was in the back of this P-51 piloted by Bud Granley in the mid 80's.

3rd - Dennis Sanders in Sea Fury Argonaut #114 placed 3rd at 391 mph just in front of Bob Gibson. Dennis qualified at 399 mph.

4th - "Riff Raff" another Sea Fury piloted by Bob "Hoot" Gibson with a speed of 391 mph only .53 seconds behind Argonaut! They flew close the whole race. Qualifying speed was 389 mph.

5th - Bill Rheinschild in the Sea Fury #74 "Bad Attitude" finished at 385.75 mph. Bill qualified at 396 mph. Bill also flies his P-51 "Risky Business" at Reno.

26dt.jpg 27bt.jpg 27ct.jpg 28bt.jpg 28ct.jpg IMG0002t.jpg IMG0003t.jpg

6th place goes to Jimmy Leeward flying low around the course at 375.875 mph. He qualified #9 "Cloud Dancer" at 389 mph. Leeward always puts on a great show flying a low and tight line.

7th - Bill Eberhardt in "Merlins Magic" at 363.952 mph. He earlier qualified at 379 mph. Another great group of people and pilots.

8th - Ike Enns in #50 "Miracle Maker" placed 9th in the Silver at 358 mph. Ike qualified at 362 mph.

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