The North American P-51 Mustang
Nellis 2004
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P-51 Mustang at Nellis 2004
More Pics from 2004 Aviation Nation
story and photos by Curtis Fowles

Browse though some more pics from Aviation Nation 2004. Next year, come and bring your camera for a great show full of memorable pics.

44-74524.cf1.8229t.jpg 44-74996.cf1.8006t.jpg 44-74996.cf1.8043t.jpg BF-109_8206t.jpg GlacierGirl_7944t.jpg Heritage_7872t.jpg Heritage_7883t.jpg bf109.7793t.jpg bf109.7894t.jpg bf109.8088t.jpg bf109.8154t.jpg dago.8020t.jpg dakotakid_8236t.jpg f14_7983t.jpg f22_7832t.jpg firefly_8076t.jpg

You will notice some of these taken while on the road. The early morning light subtly highlights some of the hills around I-15 in the high desert. The windmills are on the Tehachapis just west of Mojave on the way to Bakersfield and central California.

jumpers_7773t.jpg rarebear_7759t.jpg rarebear_8055t.jpg shooter.7844t.jpg shooter_8220t.jpg thunderbirds_8161t.jpg thunderbirds_8163t.jpg thunderbirds_8187t.jpg thunderbirds_8191t.jpg thundermustang_7727t.jpg trip_7703t.jpg trip_7708t.jpg trip_8274t.jpg trip_8276t.jpg trip_8279t.jpg trip_8280t.jpg

Thanks to the staff at Nellis AFB for providing us with media access. They were always professional and courteous (even when the dogs searched my truck) and I look forward to coming next year. Aviation Nation is now on my must go to list.

trip_8282t.jpg trip_8297t.jpg trip_8299t.jpg valhalla.7843t.jpg valhalla.8218t.jpg valhalla_7908t.jpg valhalla_7911t.jpg voodoo.7769t.jpg voodoo.8032t.jpg voodoo.cf1.8023t.jpg voodoo.cf1.8062t.jpg voodoo_7740t.jpg voodoo_7769t.jpg voodoo_8023t.jpg voodoo_8032t.jpg wof_8107t.jpg wof_8119t.jpg