The North American P-51 Mustang
P-51 Mustang at Mustangsx2 05
Mustangs Daily Drivers
story and photography by Curtis Fowles

There are some very nice cars in the daily driver catagory. Some I suspect are not driven but a few times a month. A few look like they have been driven every day for a long time. Mods are everywhere. New, old, 70's and 80's, all of the years covered except the Mustang II era. Only saw 2 of those (but that's ok). The new 2005 models were plentiful and there was one 2005 convertible. The new owner, Kjell Gustufson from Europe, picked his up 2 days before and drove straight to the show.

mm05.05.GTextreme.ylw_0757t.jpg mm05.05.Saleen.silver_0512t.jpg mm05.05.Saleen.silver_0526t.jpg mm05.05.conv.red_0470t.jpg mm05.05.fb.blu_0667t.jpg mm05.05.fb.whtblu_0485t.jpg mm05.05.fb.whtblu_0523t.jpg mm05.05fb.red_0135t.jpg

All paint colors and types were on hand. A few custom paint jobs could be found as well, like the purplepurplepurple 90's era stang and a few with the multi color mystic paint and yes a couple pink mustangs (just for my daughter Chelsea).

mm05.65.GT350.redwht_0337t.jpg mm05.66.coupe.silvblu_0221t.jpg mm05.69.GT500conv.red_0208t.jpg mm05.70.Mach1.medblue_0328t.jpg mm05.71.mach1.silver_0654t.jpg mm05.94.mod.bluwht_0640t.jpg mm05.94.mod.bluwht_0641t.jpg

A few early 70's convertibles were at the Mustangs & Mustangs show. Mach 1s, Boss 302s, Boss 351s, GT350s, GT500s, K codes, even some cougars and falcons. Oh, and a mustang station wagon! There were several hundred cars on hand. If you live in the area, or can plan a vacation around this show for next year, you will not be dissapointed ... more later.

mm05.mm_0347t.jpg mm05.mm_0362t.jpg mm05.mm_0374t.jpg mm05.mm_0377t.jpg mm05.mm_0389t.jpg mm05.p51_0501t.jpg mm05.p51_0504t.jpg mm05_0223t.jpg mm05_0325t.jpg