The North American P-51 Mustang
P-51 Mustang at Mustangsx2 05
MCA Concourse Mustangs
story and photography by Curtis Fowles

Want to check out a $150,000 GT500? Just come on over to the concourse judging area in front of the two large hangars. The Mustang Club of America sets up strict judging standards for this class of mustangs. Each entrant starts out with the maximum number of points. As the cars are judged, points are deducted as the judges go through their checklist. Every little detail is checked.

mm04_0402-2t.jpg mm05_0118t.jpg mm05_0119t.jpg mm05_0121t.jpg mm05_0127t.jpg mm05_0239t.jpg mm05_0242t.jpg mm05_0245t.jpg mm05_0248wt.jpg mm05_0273t.jpg mm05_0278t.jpg mm05_0281t.jpg mm05_0283t.jpg mm05_0285t.jpg

These cars, most of them trailored in, are in near perfect condition. Except for a few that were in original condition - never restored, just cleaned. My favorites, include Larry's jade green 1969 GT500 Shelby Conv. (it is simply awesome), Robert's candy apple red 1969 GT350 Shelby Conv. (it is perfect), real nice blue Boss 351 and a super clean 1966 K code fastback. There were many more excellent restorations.

mm05_0286t.jpg mm05_0290t.jpg mm05_0298t.jpg mm05_0304t.jpg mm05_0306t.jpg mm05_0315t.jpg mm05_0324t.jpg mm05_0328t.jpg mm05_0332t.jpg mm05_0396t.jpg mm05_0420t.jpg mm05_0445t.jpg mm05_0446t.jpg mm05_0447t.jpg mm05_0517t.jpg

When you walking around in this area, be careful. You will see owners themselves, using cloths to open doors, trunks and hoods with. Convertible tops are perfect. Engine compartments have all the factory marks, better than factory detail and paint. The biggest problem is trying not to drool on the fenders.

mm05_0538t.jpg mm05_0539t.jpg mm05_0540t.jpg mm05_0543t.jpg mm05_0544t.jpg mm05_0545t.jpg mm05_0550t.jpg mm05_0556t.jpg mm05_0561t.jpg mm05_0568t.jpg mm05_0575t.jpg mm05_0602t.jpg mm05_0610t.jpg mm05_0611t.jpg mm05_0763t.jpg