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The Ford Mustangs
story and photography by Curtis Fowles

As you will see from the pics, there are some super cars here. You will find a completely stock '65 coupe and a highly modified '97 GT. You can see purple to pumpkin, bright white to dark black, hard tops, rag tops and even some vinyl tops. There are some Shelbys, some cobras and some cougars too. Young and old are seen wiping down the cars in the morning and putting out some display items. It was a great morning, nice sunshine and mellow temps. The line for the Mustangs & Mustangs Photo Op started early and kept going through mid-morning. There were some cool mods like a matching mustang trailer and a hardtop convertible. Hey, I even saw an alien Mustang and a fake GT.

00_GTht_green_w7_1t.jpg 01_GTconv_blue_w7_1t.jpg 01_GTconv_smoke_w7_1t.jpg 01_GTconv_yellow_w7_1t.jpg 02_conv_custpaint_w7_2t.jpg 02_gtht_red_w7_1t.jpg 02_ht_yellow_w7_1t.jpg 03_SVTcobra_281_w7_1t.jpg 04_roush_yellow_w7_5t.jpg

This is a show with awards, so there are plenty of cars ready to be judged. There were all types and years to choose from. The Ford Mustang has evolved and and changed 6 times throughout history. The latest change is the new 2005 model. This new Mustang combines new and old into the design and is a winner. I am sure there will be some at the 2005 show.

If you are hungry you can grab a great lunch and being out in the sun all day, you better be drinking some water as well. After walking around all morning, you feet are sure to need some rest. If you don't bring your own chair, there are places to rest by the museum and it is open for you to check out everything they have on display. Of course there are vendors on site so you can see the latest goodies. Some of the Mustang magazine folks were on hand to answer questions and take in the show.

04_saleen_conv_dkblue_w7_1t.jpg 65_GTfb_dkgreen_w7_1t.jpg 65_GTfb_dkgrey_w7_1t.jpg 65_convHT_blue_w7_2t.jpg 65_conv_red_w7_1t.jpg 65_conv_silvblue-trailor_w7_2t.jpg 66_conv_silver_w7_1t.jpg 66_fb_red_w7_2t.jpg 67_fb_dkgreen_w7_2t.jpg 69_boss302_w7_1t.jpg 69_ht_aqua_w7_1t.jpg

Some of my favorites Mustangs on display included the Roush 2004 dark grey coupe, the '86 black flamed coupe and that Roush 2004 380R white convertible. Others were an 04 Saleen dk blue conv., the silver-blue '65 conv. with matching trailer, the '65 deep green fastback with gold stripes (yea, I want that one), '67 dk green fastback, 70 Mach 1 med. blue with black stripes and the matching Harley truck and mustang combo was kinda cool also. There was an orange 70 Mach 1 with black stripes that was very nice and a 90 GT red w/silver and the 5.0 that looks real good. I can easily find a mustang in all the major designs that I really like, except I am having trouble accepting the '74-'78 Mustang II...

69_mach1_black_w7_1t.jpg 70_boss302_gold_w7_1t.jpg 70_mach1_medblumetal_w7_1t.jpg 70_mach1_orange_w7_1t.jpg 70_mach1_orange_w7_8t.jpg 91_GTht_red_750x500_1t.jpg 93_htmod_dkred_750x500_1t.jpg 96_GT_347sc_blue_750x500_1t.jpg 96_GT_347sc_blue_750x500_2t.jpg 96_cobra_mystic_750x500_1t.jpg