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GML 2007
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P-51 Mustang at GML 2007
P-51 Rollcall
story by Curtis Fowles,   photos by Curtis Fowles and Chris Luvara

Ok, who is here? The official list of those signed up was very encouraging. I had seen around 110 or more on the GML page before the show. The list now shows 93. After reading the list in August I was able to reduce it from those I knew could not attend. I think my pre-show list had 107.

Of the 107, how many would make it? There would be some last minute scheduling problems for a few, last minute mechanicals and some plan changing. It is not easy to own, maintain and fly a warbird. Many things can come up and keep you on the ground. Three California guys had major engine problems come up right before the show (Lady Alice, Kimberly Kaye, Grim Reaper), two of them only two weeks before the show. Two of the three require complete engine changes, the third is heads and banks.

Jim Beasley also planned on bringing two of his three, but Bald Eagle did not make it because of an engine change. Beasley's "Frenesi" has been in restoration. For the west coast owners, two days of travel each way is needed (also the bucks for fuel and accommodations). The long trip from the west coast did keep a few in their hangars just like in April of 1999.

GM7_0025t.jpg GM7_0045t.jpg GM7_0062t.jpg GM7_0067t.jpg GM7_0076t.jpg GM7_0079t.jpg GM7_0080t.jpg GM7_0086t.jpg GM7_0136t.jpg GM7_0137t.jpg GM7_0152t.jpg GM7_0160t.jpg GM7_0168t.jpg GM7_0205t.jpg

Here is the list of GML 2007 P-51 Attendees

42-103293 Betty Jane
42-103831 Ina the Macon Belle
43-25147 Princess Elizabeth
43-43335 Margie Hart (P-51G resto project)
42-6006 Polar Bear
44-13257 Cavalier
44-14985 Millie G
44-63476 City of Winnipeg
44-63507 Double Trouble Two (Yagen)
44-63634 Big Beautiful Doll
44-63663 Miss Marylin II
44-63864 Twilight Tear
44-63889 (Anderson)
44-63893 Glamorous Glenn III
44-72051 Sweet Revenge
44-72145 Petie 3rd
44-73438 Hell-er Bust
44-72483 Ridge Runner III
44-72777 Sparkie
44-72907 Red Dog XII
44-72922 Scat VII
44-72934 Shangri-La (Mexico)
44-72942 Petie 2nd (Buechler )
44-73140 Petie 2nd (Heikkila)
44-73206 Hurry Home Honey
44-73210 Miracle Maker
44-73260 Cincinnati Miss
44-73264 Gunfighter
44-73279 Sweet and Lovely
44-73287 Worry Bird
44-73415 Voodoo
44-73420 (Croul)
44-88a Precious Metal
44-73543 Sweetie Face
44-73656 Moonbeam McSwine
44-73704 FF-704
44-73856 Double Trouble Two (Friedkin)
44-74009 Ain't Missbehavin
44-74230 Gentleman Jim
44-74389 Speedball Alice
44-74391 February
44-74446 Checkertail Clan
44-74453 Glamorous Gal
44-74458 Sizzlin' Liz
44-74466 Barbara Jean
44-74474 Old Crow
44-74497 Little Witch
44-74502 Crazy Horse 2
44-74506 Lady B
44-74524 Dakota Kid
44-74543 Geraldine
44-74739 Ole Yeller
44-74813 Cripes a Mighty
44-74832 Boomer
44-74878 (Wood)
77-74976 Obsession
44-84390 Section Eight
44-84615 Cloud Dancer
44-84745 Crazy Horse
44-84786 Lil' Margaret
44-84860 Lady Jo
44-84900 Naca 127
44-84933 Dusty's Dolly
44-84961 Wee Willy II
45-11391 Luscious Lisa
45-11439 Quicksilver
45-11471 Diamondback
45-11507 Cripes a Mighty 3rd
45-11540 Excalibur
45-11553 Shangri-La (Osborne)
45-11559 Mad Max
45-11586 Little Horse
67-14866 (Friedkin)
67-22581 American Beauty
A68-100 Flying Dutchman
A68-175 Slender Tender & Tall
A68-187 La Pistolera

GM7_0208t.jpg GM7_0304dt.jpg GM7_0328t.jpg GM7_0334t.jpg GM7_0349t.jpg GM7_0415t.jpg GM7_0455t.jpg GM7_0506t.jpg GM7_0537t.jpg GM7_0569dt.jpg GM7_0583t.jpg GM7_0598dt.jpg GM7_0690t.jpg GM7_0925t.jpg GML_0166rt.jpg


Thank you to all the P-51 owners, pilots and crew!

Thanks for making this the largest P-51 Gathering since WWII.

GML_0192rt.jpg GML_0199rt.jpg GML_0338rt.jpg GML_0532t.jpg GML_0614t.jpg GML_0637t.jpg GML_1019t.jpg GML_1061t.jpg GML_1107t.jpg GML_1136t.jpg GML_CJL5985wt.jpg GML_CJL5990wt.jpg GML_CJL5993wt.jpg GML_CJL6002wt.jpg GML_JIM7195wt.jpg