The North American P-51 Mustang
Oshkosh 2006
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P-51 Mustang at Oshkosh 2006
Airventure Warbirds
story and photography by Curtis Fowles

At EAA Airventure you can find almost all kinds of warbirds present from the fastest fighters to the slowest trainers. Utility aircraft, transports, bombers, recon and more. Props, jets, propjets, they are all here. Rare types, award winners and negleted flyers are parked on the grass and the pavement of an unused runway.

OK6_4403t.jpg OK6_4426t.jpg OK6_4530t.jpg OK6_4533t.jpg OK6_4537t.jpg OK6_4545t.jpg OK6_4550t.jpg OK6_4551t.jpg OK6_4554t.jpg OK6_4558t.jpg OK6_4565t.jpg OK6_4566t.jpg OK6_4570t.jpg OK6_4573t.jpg OK6_4580t.jpg

This year, I did not see as many WWII cats (Hellcat, Wildcat, Tigercat) as in other years. I did find one Bearcat. There were two Corsairs including an immaculate FG1D. This Corsair looked like a brand new restoration (I don't think they looked that good from the factory). If you were able to check it out, you know what I mean.

Another Grand Champion contender is Ron Fagen's P-40. Like the FG1D, better than factory new. There was almost always a crowd around this P-40. It is clean from nose to wingtips to tail to the rubber that meets the ground. Bob Baker (owner of P-51 "Sweet and Lovely") pointed out to me that the center drop tank is a US made paper tank! I wasn't even paying attention to that when I was underneath taking a few shots.

I actually did not show the shot underneath because I thought the tank did not represent the excellent work on the aircraft because it showed some surface imperfects. What a dope. Look at the seam, it is not welded like the others, but a bolted flange. Like Bob Baker's award winning P-51 "Sweet and Lovely", Fagen brought in the WWII tarmac with his P-40. Under the Tomahawk is some of the metal runway sections used to create working airfields in a short time. It worked for Baker, paper tanks and metal runway (oh, and a very detailed warbird too). Fagen's P-40 has a good shot at Grand Champion.

OK6_4582t.jpg OK6_4583t.jpg OK6_4587t.jpg OK6_4591t.jpg OK6_4599t.jpg OK6_4897t.jpg OK6_5120t.jpg OK6_5215t.jpg OK6_5225wpt.jpg OK6_5234t.jpg OK6_5260t.jpg OK6_5329t.jpg OK6_5332t.jpg OK6_5358t.jpg OK6_5379t.jpg OK6_5402t.jpg

By Thursday, there were 3 TBM Avengers lined up, one Corsair (one departed), one Spitfire (one departed), multiples of T-28s, a couple of Sea Furies, a Bearcat, many L-39s, an F-36, two T-33s, a T2 Buckeye, the very cool Vampire jet, a Mig-15 and a Mig-17, a Dragonfly, several C-47s/DC3s, the Luftwaffe trimotor, two OV-1 Mowhawks (cool), two B-17s, a B-24, a Lancaster (double cool), rows of T-6 / SNJ, T-34s and Birddogs. Wow, that's a bunch of warbirds, but down a bit on the Navy fighter side. You can usually find a Wildcat or two.

OK6_5412t.jpg OK6_5492t.jpg OK6_5506t.jpg OK6_5514t.jpg OK6_5517t.jpg OK6_5523t.jpg OK6_5560t.jpg OK6_5567t.jpg OK6_5814t.jpg OK6_5990t.jpg OK6_6146t.jpg OK6_6361t.jpg OK6_6364t.jpg OK6_6370t.jpg OK6_6375t.jpg OK6_6391t.jpg