The North American P-51 Mustang
Oshkosh 2005
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P-51 Mustang at Oshkosh 2005
Oshkosh P-51s Page 1
story and photography by Curtis Fowles

As you can see by the list below, there was a super showing of P-51 Mustangs at Oshkosh 2005. Some of the newest include Paul Ehlen's "Little Horse", David O'Malley's "Cincinatti Miss", Paul Allen's "Epupa Epops", "Scat VI" painted for Marius Maxwell just before the show and the Fighter Factory's P-51 "Double Trouble Two" welcomed back to the USA. Jack Roush repainted "Glamorous Glen" to "Gentleman Jim" for Jim Browning of the 357th FG, a man respected and admired by Col. Bud Anderson.

What a great showing! Here are some pics and a list of the P-51 Mustangs in attendance.

41-038 N51NA "XP-51", EAA (Museum), Oshkosh Wi
42-103293 N251MX "WW12192", Max Chapman, Kissimmee Fl
44-63634 N351BD "Big Beautiful Doll", Mike Henningsen, Atlantic Io
44-72051 N68JR "Sweet Revenge", Roland Fagen, Granite Falls Mn
44-72942 N5427V "Petie 2nd", Anthony Buechler, Waukesha Wi
44-73264 N5428V "Gunfighter", Commemorative Air Force, Omaha Ne
44-73279 N451D "Sweet and Lovely", Bob Baker, Alva Ok
44-74230 N551L "Gentleman Jim", Jack Roush, Livonia Mi
44-73260 N83KB "Cincinatti Miss", David O'Malley, Cincinatti Oh
44-63507 N51EA "Double Trouble Two", The Fighter Factory, Suffolk Va
44-72364 N723FH "Epupa Epops", Flying Heritage Collection, Arlington Wa
45-11586 N51PE "Little Horse", Paul Ehlen, Bloomington Mn
44-74453 N751RB "Glamorous Gal", Robert Baranaskas, NY
44-74865 N8677E "My Sweet Mary Lou", Gene Mallette, Blackfoot Id

44-74417 N6327T "Donna-Mite", Richard James, Fennimore Wi
44-74446 N1451D "Checkertail Clan", Nathan Davis, Tipton In
44-74474 N6341T "Old Crow", Jack Roush, Livonia Mi
44-74524 N151HR "Dakota Kid", Henry Reichert, Bismarck Nd
44-74878 N6306T "HI G", Tom Wood, Indianapolis In
44-75007 N3451D "Paul I", EAA (Museum), Oshkosh Wi
45-11540 N151W "Excalibur", Jim Reed, Chesterton In
67-22581 N151MC "American Beauty", Max Chapman, Kissimmee FL
44-72826 N51YS "Scat VI", Marius Maxwell, Paducah KY
44-73140 N314BG "Petie 2nd", Les Heikkila, St. Louis Mo
44-73822 N51BS "Lil Margaret", Butch Schroeder, Danville Il
44-73656 N2151D "Moonbeam McSwine", Vlado Lenoch, La Grange Il
44-73843 N10601 "Ole Red Nose", CAF, Midland Tx