The North American P-51 Mustang
Oshkosh 2004
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P-51 Mustang at Oshkosh 2004
EAA Airventure Walkabout
story and photography by Curtis Fowles

On this page there are some various pics from walking around Airventure. You cannot see Airventure in a day - trust me. There is too much to see. Besides the airshow, there are hundreds of displays, vendors (inside and out) fly-in aircraft to check out, the seaplane base, the ultralights ... too much for a day.

05.46L.3802t.jpg 05.coupe.dksilver.3806t.jpg 05.coupe.dksilver.3816t.jpg 05.coupe.dksilver.3817t.jpg 05.coupe.dksilver.3840.2t.jpg 05.coupe.metred.3827t.jpg 05.coupe.metred.3837t.jpg A36_3684t.jpg F2G_2777t.jpg T28_3767t.jpg T6_3237t.jpg TBM_2694t.jpg

If you take several days, watch the airshow, and cruise around during the morning you have a good chance of seeing most of the show. Oh, there are many forums and guest speakers too. So you better take the week and get it all.

concept.bronco.3820t.jpg concept.bronco.3822t.jpg junkers_2270t.jpg osh.3452t.jpg osh_2265t.jpg osh_2266t.jpg osh_2431t.jpg osh_3079t.jpg osh_3234t.jpg osh_3679t.jpg osh_3681t.jpg seafury_3304t.jpg

I spent most of my time in the warbird area and was only able to briefly walk around and see what they had. It is an impressive layout.

spitfire_4042t.jpg u.44-72051.cf1.2928t.jpg u.44-72942.cf1.2901t.jpg u.44-72942.cf1.3325t.jpg u.44-73264.cf1.3565t.jpg u.44-74446.cf1.3493t.jpg u.44-74474.cf1.3438t.jpg u.44-74878.cf1.4076t.jpg u.44-75007.cf1.4181t.jpg u.45-11540.cf1.3330t.jpg wildcat_3309t.jpg wildcat_4048t.jpg