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P-51 Mustang at Chino 2007
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story and photography by Curtis Fowles

2007 is the year of the Lightning! P-38 style!

The show was held Saturday May 19, and Sunday May 20, 2007. Gates opened at 8am, and the flying started at 11 and ended at 4pm. Warbirds were everywhere, including the showcased P-38 Lightnings - three of them.

The Planes of Fame Air Museum does a super job keeping the action flowing with very little time between acts. The show ran on time and per schedule which is a big plus.

CH7_1480t.jpg CH7_1492t.jpg CH7_1493t.jpg CH7_1505t.jpg CH7_1527t.jpg CH7_1566t.jpg CH7_1991t.jpg CH7_2027t.jpg CH7_2040t.jpg CH7_2044t.jpg CH7_2287t.jpg CH7_2325Lt.jpg CH7_2347t.jpg CH7_2351t.jpg

The musuem put together a flight with a ton of warbirds, or "gaggle" as they called it. Leading the pack were the three P-38s. Included in this flight were six or so P-51s, two P-47s, two P-40s, two A6M Zeros, an Avenger, two Hellcats, a couple of Corsairs, an SBD Dauntless, one P-63 King Cobra, a Bearcat or two, a Spitfire and Huricane, four B-25 Mitchells, two Wildcats, a Tigercat, a single Skyraider and T-28 ... and covering their six, was the B-17 Flying Fortress "Fuddy Duddy".

Wow, what a flight. They did several passes, then started the break to land in groups of four or five. The P-38's stayed out for their passes. Steve Hinton lead the group flying "Glacier Girl", followed by Kevin Eldgridge in the Museum's "Skidoo" and then Jeff Harris in Jack Croul's P-38. They pleased the crowd with several passes, both grouped and singles.

The show was not all warbirds. We saw a wing-walking act and the Tumbling Bear. The USAF performed an F-15 Demo followed by the USAF Heritage Flight which included the F-15, the P-38 and a P-51. The Navy joined the fun with a Legacy Flight with an F-18 and F8f Bearcat preceeded by the powerful F-18 Super Hornet demo.

The last group of the day was the Vietnam Era flights. Dancin' Birddogs, a Skyraider, T-28 and a Huey put on a great show.

CH7_2369t.jpg CH7_2378t.jpg CH7_2383t.jpg CH7_2386t.jpg CH7_2418t.jpg CH7_2427t.jpg CH7_2709t.jpg CH7_2779t.jpg CH7_3009t.jpg CH7_3038t.jpg POF07_0404t.jpg POF07_0409t.jpg POF07_0456t.jpg POF07_0460t.jpg POF07_0469t.jpg

The weather was nice, but very hazy in the morning making good photos hard to come by until after lunch. As far as temps go, it got into the low 80's with sunny afternoons and lows in the upper 50's at night - very pleasant.

Once again the Planes of Fame Air Show stands out as one of the premier events in the states. Get out your 2008 calender and mark down the third weekend in May. I'm not sure how, but they will out-do this year's show somehow.

For more information about The Air Museum 'Planes of Fame' and its events, please call (909)597-3722 or visit their website at:
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POF07_0477t.jpg POF07_0515t.jpg POF7_0414t.jpg POF7_1422t.jpg POF_07_0114t.jpg POF_07_0144t.jpg POF_07_0272t.jpg POF_07_0346t.jpg POF_07_0421t.jpg POF_07_0450t.jpg POF_07_0465t.jpg Pof07_0100t.jpg Pof07_0112t.jpg Pof07_0236t.jpg Skidoo_1398wt.jpg