The North American P-51 Mustang
Chino 2007
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P-51 Mustang at Chino 2007
Gaggle of Warbirds
story and photography by Curtis Fowles

Anyone who has been to the Chino, Planes of Fame Airshow know what it is like to see almost every warbird in the sky at the same time. Just about all types flying today are represented at Chino. Two years ago there were five airworthy P-47s in the sky. This year, 2007, we were treated to awesome site and sound of three P-38 Lightnings. Next year? I don't know, but it will be a show to plan for early.

CH7_1497t.jpg CH7_1500t.jpg CH7_1509Lt.jpg CH7_1807t.jpg CH7_1815t.jpg CH7_1907t.jpg CH7_1938t.jpg CH7_1942t.jpg CH7_2099t.jpg CH7_2470t.jpg CH7_2484t.jpg CH7_2488t.jpg CH7_2505t.jpg

Here is a simple rundown of the "Gaggle of Warbirds".

P-38F, P-38J, P-38L Lightnings
(6) P-51D Mustangs
(2) P-47 Thunderbolts
(2) P-40 Warhawks
F3F Flying Barrell
F7F Tigercat
(2) F4F/FM-2 Wildcats
(2) F6F Hellcats
F8F Bearcat
(2) Corsairs
SBD Dauntless
TBM Avenger
T-28 Trojan
(2) A6M Zeros
(4) B-25 Mitchells
B-17 Flying Fortress

CH7_2526t.jpg CH7_2542t.jpg CH7_2544t.jpg CH7_2594t.jpg CH7_2615t.jpg CH7_2619t.jpg CH7_2626t.jpg CH7_2664t.jpg CH7_2706t.jpg POF07_0491t.jpg POF07_0532t.jpg POF_07_0064t.jpg POF_07_0081t.jpg

Wow, what a sound ... what a show.

POF_07_0125t.jpg POF_07_0133t.jpg POF_07_0204t.jpg POF_07_0385t.jpg POF_07_0413t.jpg POF_07_0481t.jpg Pof07_0135t.jpg Pof07_0147t.jpg Pof07_0168t.jpg Pof07_0202t.jpg Pof07_0214t.jpg Pof07_0216t.jpg Pof07_0361t.jpg Pof07_0368t.jpg