The North American P-51 Mustang
Chino 2006
P-51 Mustang at Chino 2006
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story and photography by Curtis Fowles

2006 is the 50 Year Aniversary for the Air Museum, Planes of Fame!

To celebrate this occasion, the Museum has been working very hard to put some very rare aircraft into the air. They also re-painted several warbirds for this show.

Pictured above in the skies over Chino, Ca is the only airworthy Seversky AT-12 Guardsman. This beautiful aircraft and the Boeing P-26A "Peashooter" were flying with many other warbirds during the show on May 20-21.

CF6_3774t.jpg CH6_0278wt.jpg CH6_0338wt.jpg CH6_0469t.jpg CH6_0478t.jpg CH6_0491t.jpg CH6_0555t.jpg CH6_0765wpt.jpg CH6_0786t.jpg CH6_0817t.jpg CH6_0821t.jpg CH6_0851t.jpg CH6_0869t.jpg CH6_0877t.jpg CH6_0962t.jpg CH6_1012t.jpg CH6_1119t.jpg CH6_1185t.jpg CH6_1197wpt.jpg CH6_1250t.jpg

The Planes of Fame Air Museum always puts on a first class warbird show. They pull out everything they have and if it is airworthy, it flies on Saturday and Sunday. The weather was spectacular on Saturday yet much less than spectacular on Sunday.

The Musuem finished the new P-51A paint scheme just before the show. Also new to the show was fresh paint on the Museum's P-38. "Skidoo" is her new name. The P-38 Lightning was the center of the Heritage Flight on Sunday surrounded by the F-16 and the P-51. Unfortunately, on Saturday (when the weather was awesome), the P-38 had a faulty started and sat out the HF.

CH6_1256t.jpg CH6_1259t.jpg CH6_1343wpt.jpg CH6_1512t.jpg CH6_1523wpt.jpg CH6_1537wpt.jpg CH6_1551t.jpg CH6_1558wpt.jpg CH6_1632Vt.jpg CH6_1695t.jpg CH6_1741wpt.jpg CH6_1774t.jpg CH6_3695t.jpg CH6_3742t.jpg CH6_3792t.jpg CH6_3852-bwt.jpg CN6_0260wt.jpg CN6_0262wpt.jpg CN6_0271wt.jpg CN6_0273wt.jpg CN6_0274wt.jpg CN6_0275t.jpg

What a great line-up and a super event. Warbirds from WWI to today's fastest movers took to the skies and left smiles on everyone within an earshot of Chino Airport.

For more information about The Air Museum 'Planes of Fame' and its events, please call (909)597-3722 or visit their website at:
Planes of Fame Airshow Homepage

CN6_0276wpt.jpg CN6_0278wt.jpg CN6_0280t.jpg CN6_0282wt.jpg CN6_0283wpt.jpg CN6_0285wt.jpg CN6_0288t.jpg CN6_0292wt.jpg CN6_0295t.jpg CN6_0297t.jpg CN6_0302wt.jpg CN6_0308wt.jpg CN6_0315t.jpg CN6_0330wt.jpg CN6_0335wt.jpg CN6_0337wt.jpg CN6_0338wt.jpg CN6_0340wt.jpg CN6_0352t.jpg CN6_0358wt.jpg CN6_0360wt.jpg