The North American P-51 Mustang
P-51 Mustang at Warbirds
The Curtiss P-40 Warhawk
photos by Curtis Fowles, MustangsMustangs

Nearly outdated by by the time the U.S. really entered the war, the P-40 was the U.S. front line fighter and saw extensive service in the Pacific, North Africa and China campaigns. One of my favorites since I was a kid, the P-40 is a very good aircraft, but was a bit slow for the newer enemy aircraft. The allison used, like in the P-51A, lacked the high-altitude performance needed.

08CHN_4555t.jpg 08CHN_5282t.jpg 08_POF_4325t.jpg CH7_1505t.jpg CHN.p40_0514t.jpg CHN.p40_0515t.jpg CHN.p40_0544t.jpg CHN.p40_0545t.jpg

CHN.p40_0547t.jpg CHN.p40_1598t.jpg CHN.p40_1623t.jpg CHN.p40_1726t.jpg CHN.p40_1974t.jpg GML_2317t.jpg OSH-05_4063t.jpg OSH-05_4077t.jpg OSH-05_4504t.jpg OSH-05_4685t.jpg

OSH-05_4687t.jpg P-40_2779t.jpg POF8_4332bwt.jpg WW5_2816t.jpg WW5_2892t.jpg p40-5t.jpg w.p40.cf1.1175t.jpg w.p40.cf1.1204t.jpg w.p40.cf1.1245t.jpg